Welcome! So glad you're here!   SNAPTHIS PHOTOGRAPHY  is  GARY SUMNER.  

All of Gary's one of a kind Fine Art PRINTS & IMAGES ARE STRICTLY COPYRIGHTED. They are all available to purchase & please for you to share on your social media to friends & spanning over his 45 photography years career, Every image is just a friendly click away to purchase for that special gift idea for a friend or family member.   

A world renowned award winning Okanagan photographer. 

Gary's Photography Studio experience is designed to leave nothing to chance and for you to feel cared for. Gary creates unique photography from a different perspective that include connection with magical settings to leave clients with timeless memories and heirloom products of their most beautiful moments in life. His heart is in connecting with his clients and treating them to a special experience that sets them at ease and allows the most pure love story of all to shine through. Family, Children, Grad, model, Pets. 

This isn't just about getting your picture taken. This is about remembering your love stories in a way that feels both honest and beautiful.




Gary Sumner 

  I just thought I’d get personal and share some of my journey's, most people don’t know about what got me to sit for this picture here today. I was fascinated by the ability to transform photographs into stories. Somehow, I was guided and drawn to what I love. vision, and unique imagination on how I see things from a different perspective. Take this picture for example. We all can see a finished picture, but who is behind that lens that took it.


Before I graduated from High School at age 18, 

I purchased my first Film camera. A Minolta. I needed a job so I started out as a freelance photographer. I landed my first assignment shooting bar bands on Young St. Toronto in 1977. I ended up with opportunities from there for 3 years touring and taking pictures of some big Classic Rock bands before getting work in a large photography studio.  

The key part was that the whole time I never stopped photographing. All the time. I would take portraits of friends, friends of friends, visitors - whoever would sit for a portrait I took their picture. I continued photographing landscapes. My friends and family rarely complained as I fell behind on walks or took their portraits.  

I also went to exhibits and read photography books. Analyzed magazine work that caught my eye. Somewhere along the way you may have heard me say, "I'm still learning photography." In fact, I just signed up for the Chair of the B.C. Winter Games with the task of selecting of other local Professional Photographers of the Okanagan. I always come away with new ideas, new perspectives, new ways to explore photography. 

Today I curate at The Grand House of Photography in Vernon B.C.

The point is I have 40 years of experience learning photography. I don't believe that's enough.  

That's why I have added opportunities to answer your questions directly in Q&A's and through our online chat. In my experience that's where some of the greatest learning takes place. That's where it gets personal, about you and your particular photography struggles. I can tell you I've more than likely struggled with the same issue or have a very similar experience to help you get to the other side of the challenge you're having. 

Bob Dylan once said. " The highest purpose of art is to inspire. What else can you do for them but inspire them". We have to open ourselves up to learning and seek out good teachers. This isn't hard, it's enriching. 


Photography is my life and passion. Today, it is with great gratitude that I continue to pursue the recording of our human condition through photographing life events and serving clients with my passion. My travels have taken me to over 20 Provinces and States. I love meeting and photographing famous people and my journey through life has been Quite unique to say the least. A wealthy exposure to a wide range of photographic odysseys. I hope I am fortunate to show you through my website some of my history, vision, and unique imagination on how I see things from a different perspective. It would be an honor to show my story with my photographic images that will make you say WOW!